New Paltz – Power Washing

New Paltz – Power Washing

Why Does Your Home Need Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning by Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems is a comprehensive service. We do so much more than clean smudges and streaks – although for many of our customers that is the best sign of a job well done. On top of stunning windows, a professional window cleaner helps make your home safer, cleaner, and free of pests.

Window Cleaning Improves Your Home’s Aesthetic

The most obvious benefit of window cleaning is a sparkling, beautiful home that is clean inside and out. Your windows will noticeably shine after treatment by Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems. We use a special solution on every window and have the tools required to clean windows in hard to reach locations or places. Our team handles both residential and commercial cleaning jobs.

Window Cleaning Makes Your Home Safer

You would never go months at a time without cleaning your countertops or throwing out food in the refrigerator. Yet, Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems visits customers in New Paltz, Orange County, and Dutchess County who have allowed years of grime, dirt, mold, and algae to fester on their exterior windows. Our cleaning services not only remove the visible signs of this buildup but the invisible bacteria that nest in these locations. Whether your property is residential or commercial, window cleaning can make it a safer place for all occupants.

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Window Cleaning Protects Your Windows

Our window cleaning services at Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems should be part of your routine maintenance. Not only because your neighbors will notice the stunning sparkle of your windows, but regular cleaning will extend the lifespan of your windows!

You can avoid the collection of harmful lime, salt, and other corrosive compounds on your windowpanes through regular cleaning. And a professional in New Paltz is going to have the best tools and training to ensure your windows shine for years to come.

Why a Professional Is Best for the Job?

At Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems, we know our service is superior to novice exterior cleaners and other companies in the area. We offer exceptional customer service and treat every property as if we were the owners. The end result is a spectacular clean that you will want to recommend to neighbors and friends.

Part of our ability to offer top-notch window cleaning and power washing in New Paltz is our experience. We’ve spent years serving the businesses and homeowners of New Paltz, and bring this knowledge of window cleaning to every job.

Professionals Eliminate the Procrastination

How many times have you walked outside and surveyed your dirty windows from a distance or noticed the streaks and stains as you pulled out of the driveway? Most residents of New Paltz will go months with stained and smudged windows before taking steps to clean the gunk and grime. When you call a professional at Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems, you can have clean windows within a week.

Window Cleaners Have the Right Tools

Your property deserves better than a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. In fact, if you want to extend the life of your windows, frames, and other glass then you need to do more. This is where a professional steps in. Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems scrubs away the buildup and other debris that accumulates on your windows. We clean window frames and glass doors – and we always check for other problems, such as insects, mold, and mildew.

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Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner Saves You Time

While our team at Hudson Valley Cleaning Systems spends all day focused on fresh and clean exteriors, we doubt you give this time and attention to building exteriors. That’s why you should leave this work to the professionals. We are passionate about our jobs and love to leave your residential or commercial building looking fantastic. Hiring our team allows you to stay focused on other tasks and projects.

Hiring a Top Exterior Cleaning Company

Our team at Hudson Valley Cleaning knows we are the best window cleaners in New Paltz – and we want to prove it to you. What makes us the very best? All of our cleaning services are carried out in a professional and cost-effective manner that gives your property a long-lasting clean, without the hassle. Contact us at to find out more.